Program Objectives:

To foster high-qualified personnel with moral, intellectual, and physical all-round development who meets the demands of 21 century society with the thick foundation, wide knowledge, high quality, strong capacity in life sciences or biotechnology. The students mainly study the basic principles and fundamental theories and skills in life sciences as well as acquire training of scientific thinking, experiment and professional skills. After graduation, they can engage in the scientific research of fundamental theory and application, development of new technologies, teaching or work in related fields

Through four years of study, undergraduates should meet the following requirements:


Quality requirements:

Students have a good moral, cultural, professional quality as well as physical and mental quality. They love the motherland, have the right view of world and life values, have good social morality and professional ethics, obey the rules and laws, love learning, and dedicate to work.


Capability requirements:

Students have the ability to acquire and apply the knowledge as well as to make innovations. They are good at self-studying, communicating, and creative thinking. They can apply the fundamental theories and skills to do research in life sciences, biotechnology and other related fields.

Knowledge requirements: Students have mastered the knowledge of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, engineering technology and methodologies. They have mastered the fundamental theories and knowledge in math, physics, and chemistry. They have firmly mastered the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills and received systematical training in life sciences. They also have mastered the basic knowledge of social sciences, liberal and arts, medicine, politics, military and sports. Students have mastered basic principles of biotechnologies and biological instruments. They have the strong computer operation capability. They have the strong ability to use foreign language to read professional journals and retrieve literature, and have the basic ability to communicate in foreign languages and to write scientific paper.