Gold Award Again: Our Superbug Buster Project won the gold award in the 5th China "Internet +" Competition as one of the 30 finalists

Post on: 2019-11-22Source: Life EnglishHits: 60

On October 13-15, the 5th China Internet + College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Zhejiang University. The team “Superbug Buster – the global leader in the diagnosis of bacterial diseases” guided by Professor Li Qingge and led by An Xiaoxiaa 2019 graduate student in a master program in School of Life Sciences, , won the gold award and was shortlisted to compete for the top three with other universities.

The performance of the “Super-bacteria Buster” team in the competition is remarkable, showing the spirit of inquiry and innovation of students from School of Life Sciences. This is the second consecutive year that the School won the gold prize in the National “Internet +” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Attached is the news from Xiamen University official website.