The Nature Conference-International Conference on Cell Metabolism was successfully held on April 08-11, 2019

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The Nature Conference-International Conference on Cellular Metabolism co-sponsored by Xiamen University, the world's leading academic journal Nature and one of its series Nature Metabolism was held in Xiamen from 8th to 11th April 2019. 27 global leaders in cell metabolism field were invited to report on the conference. Lewis Cantley and David Sabatini, two members of the National Academy of Sciences of the US gave keynote speeches. More than 380 representatives from universities and research institutions of the US, France, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan attended the meeting. Professor Shengcai Lin from Xiamen University served as the co-chairman of the conference and made a report on the latest research progresses.

Based on the influence of high-end academic publisher, the Nature Conference cooperates with selected scientific research institutions around the world to provide a platform for exploring current and future scientific and technological trends, sharing new scientific findings and facilitating communication and cooperation among scientists. Cellular metabolism is a fundamental biological process in cellular homeostasis and organismal physiology with implications in other areas of research such as cancer, developmental biology, immunology and stem cell research. This conference aims to bring together researchers working on these different aspects of cellular metabolism to discuss fundamental questions such as how cells sense their metabolic status, how cells regulate their metabolism and how cellular metabolism, in turn, controls signaling and cellular function in different physiological contexts, in both normal and disease settings.

In recent years, Xiamen University has achieved a series of internationally advanced research results in the regulatory mechanism of metabolic homeostasis, and is in a leading position in certain research directions.