The Closing Ceremony of the Beutler Institute was held

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The Closing Ceremony of the Talented Undergraduate Training Program was held in Xiang’an Campus, Xiamen University on June 6, 2016. It was attended by Professor Jiahuai Han, the vice president of Xiamen University and the first dean of the Beutler Institute, Guang Chen, the secretary of CPC committee of School of Life sciences, Xuefen Chen, the deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, Professor Zhongning Lin, the vice President of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Jon Austyn, the lecturer of “Advanced Immunology”, and Professor Marius Sudol, the lecturer of “Scientific Writing and Oral Presentation”. The two lecturers of “Mammalian Genetics and its Applications”, Professor Veronique Kruys and Professor Cyril Gueydan, were connected live to  the ceremony at Belguim through video conference system. The ceremony was held by Professor Dawang Zhou.

The ceremony was preceded by a short video, “BI TIME, 2016”, in which teachers sent their best wishes to the graduates and the graduates expressed their love and gratitude to the BI, their teachers and their parents. 

During the ceremony, Pro. Han on behalf of all BI staff, delivered an inspirational speech, congratulated the graduates, and also thanked their teachers and the related departments of XMU for their great help and strong support. This followed by Pro. Jon Austyn and Pro. Marius Sudol’s speech. Two professors shared their lives in Xiamen as well as their teaching experiences and working feelings in BI. Both said they were lucky to be a member of the BI, and viewed these experiences as a wonderful and memorable adventure. Pro. Veronique Kruys and Pro. Cyril Gueydan also remotely expressed their the heartfelt wishes to graduates.

This year, 18 students graduated from the Talented Undergraduate Training Program of the Beutler Institute, 11 of whom have received opportunity to conduct their B.S. thesis studies in US Southwestern Medical Center, Cambridge University, Yale University, University of California, San Diego and other world-renowned universities.