Prof Zhihong Xu, the former president of Peking University, visited XMU

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On July 2, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, former president of Peking University Zhihong Xu visited XMU. The Secretary of the CPC Committee of Xiamen University Yan Zhang, President Zhu, the Vice President Jiahuai Han, the assistant principal Chuhuan Li welcomed Prof Xu with a campus walking tour and a school introduction.

Zhihong Xu also visited Xiang'an campus to get acquainted with campus construction and the overall school situation. After visited the library, the campus golf course, swimming pool, etc., he expressed his appreciation for campus environment and school culture of XMU. The dean of School of Life Sciences ShengCai Lin accompanied Zhihong Xu to the School of Life Sciences and the State Key Laboratory of Celluar Stress Biology. Zhihong Xu hoped that Peking University and Xiamen University would have more exchanges and cooperation in the medical and life science disciplines in the future.