July 21, 2016-Two Approaches to in vitro Studies in Cancer

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Title: Two Approaches to in vitro Studies in Cancer

 Lecturer: Dr. Kevin Marley

                   Senior Faculty Research Assistant,

                   Department of Clinical Sciences,

                   College of Veterinary Medicine,

                   Oregon State University.

Time: PM 4:00, July 21, 2016 (Thursday).  

Venue: G405, School of Life Sciences. 

Invitor: Prof. Liang Chen

Tel: +86-592-2886050

Abstrcact: The talk will review my two papers: one that used immuno-affinity based tyrosine kinase enrichment and proteomics to identify focal adhesion kinase as important to hemangiosarcoma. The second paper tested the effects of a crude extract of Chaga mushroom on osteosarcoma in vitro.