Changping CHEN

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Changping CHEN, Ph.D.

Associate Professor.

Tel: +86-592-2184368



2004, Ph.D., Xiamen University.

Professional Experience

2004, Assistant Professor, Xiamen University;

2010, Associate Professor, Xiamen University;

2010, Academic visitor, The Open University of HK;

2014, Academic visitor, The Marine Biological Association of UK.

Research Area

Marine microalgae, diatom taxonomy.

The response and adaptation of marine diatom to environment base on the global change, such as eutrophication, oceanic acidification and global warming. The ecological and physiological characterize of marine diatom during adaptation and recovery under stress condition. Marine diatom taxonomy. The distribution and biodiversity of marine phytoplankton. Seed bank of marine phytoplankton.

Selected Publications

1. Chen CP, Li Q, Zhou Q, Sun L, Zheng M, Gao Y*, Accumulation of free amino acids in marine diatom resting cells during rejuvenation, Journal of Sea Research, 483-490, 2014.

2. Wu R, Gao Y, Fang Q, Chen CP, Lan B, Sun LLan D*, Diatom assemblages in surface sediments from the South China Sea as environmental indicators. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 31(1): 31-45, 2013.

3. Wu R, Lan D, Fang Q, Chen CP, Lan B, Sun L, Gao Y, Gao Y*, First record of genera Rutilaria and Trigonium (Bacillariophyta) and 11 diatom taxa(species and varieties) in South China Sea. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 30(5): 766-777, 2012.

4. Wang P, Liang JR, Lin X, Chen CP, Huang YY, Gao YH*. Morphology, phylogeny and ITS-2 secondary structure of Psudo-nitzschia brasiliana (Bacillariophyceae), including Chinese strains. Phycologia, 51(1):1-10, 2012.

5. Chao Y, Jia L*, Su S, Tian Z, Song Q, Fang W, Chen CP, Liu G. Utilization of CO2 and biomass char derived from pyrolysis of Dunaliella salina: The effects of steam and catalyst on CO and H-2 gas production, Bioresource Technology, 110: 676-681, 2012.

6. Yang C, Jia L*, Chen CP, Liu G, Fang W. Bio-oil from hydro-liquefaction of Dunaliella salina over Ni/REHY catalyst. Bioresource Technology. 1024580-4584, 2011

7. Chen CP, Gao YH*, Lin P. Geographical and seasonal patterns of epiphytic diatoms on a subtropical mangrove (Kandelia candel) in southern China. Ecological Indicators, 10: 143-147, 2010.

8. Chen CP, Sun L, Gao YH*, Zhou QQ, Zheng MH, Li BQ, Yu Y, Lu DD. Seasonal changes of viable diatom resting stages in bottom sediments of Xiamen Bay, China. Journal of Sea Research. 61: 125-132, 2009.