Liangrong JIANG

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Liangrong JIANG, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor.

Tel: +86-592-2181636



1997-2001, B.Sc., Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University;

2001-2004, M.Sc., Guangxi University.

Research Area

My research focuses mainly on developing new indica rice cultivars with good quality, high yield, disease resistance and wide adaptabilityand Molecular Marker Assistant Breeding. I am also engaged inanalyzing the inheritance, locating and cloning of the genes which are related to rice qualities and some special traits found in the breeding.

Selected Publications

1. Huang R, Jiang L, Zheng J, Wang T, Wang H, Huang Y, Hong Z., 2013, Genetic bases of rice grain shape: so many genes, so little known. Trends Plant Sci., 18 (4): 218-26

2. Fangyu Chen, Liangrong Jiang, Jingsheng Zheng, Rongyu Huang1, Houcong Wang, Zonglie Hong, Yumin Huang, 2013,Identification of a co-segregative protein associated with the tillering trait in rice. (Oryza sativa L.), POJ6 (1): 36-45

3. WANG Wei ,YE Zhi-yun, ZHENG Jing-sheng, HUANG Yu-min, HUANG Rong-yu, WANG Hou-cong, JIANG Liang-rong*, 2010, Mapping QTLs for Rice Grain Shape with QTL ×Environment Interactions and Epistatic Effects Analysis, Acta Botanica Boreali-Occidentalia Sinica, 30 (7) :1344 – 1350

4. Jiang Liangrong*, Wang Wei*, Huang Jianxun, Huang Rongyu, Zheng Jingsheng, Huang Yumin ** , Wang Houcong, 2009, Analysis of Epistatic and QE Interaction Effects of QTLs for Grain Shape in Rice, Molecular Plant Breeding, 2009 (4): 690-698(in Chinese)

5. H Wang, S Qiu, J Zheng, L Jiang, H Huang & Y Huang*, 2009, Generation of New Rice Cultivars from Matrue Pollen Treated with Gamma-Radiation. Q. Y. Shu.(ed.), Induced Plant Mutations in the Genomics Era. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, 231-234

6. XU Bin , HUANG Yumin , HUANG Jian xun , WANG Houcong , JIANG Liangrong*,2007,Study on Epistatic and Q×E Effects of QTLs for Indica Head Milled Ratio, Journal of Xiamen University (Natural Science),46 (4): 578-582(in Chinese)

7. JIANG Liang-rong, HUANG Jian-xun, ZHANG Kai, HUANG Yu-min*, WANG Hou-cong,Song Si-yang, Zhou Ke-fu,2007,Rice Genetic Map Construction Based on Elite Indica Rice, Jiafuzhan,Journal of Xiamen University (Natural Science), 46 (2): 262-257 (in Chinese)

8. Jiang L.R., Fang X.J., 2004, Improvement of Appearance Traits of Elite Rice Zhenshan 97B by Molecular Introgression of Targeted about 800 kb Interval from Indica Rice Jiafuzhan Genome, Molecular Plant Breeding, 2 (3): 453-454(in Chinese)