Yurong YANG

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Yurong YANG, Ph.D.

Associate Professor.

Tel: +86-592-2181792

E-mail: yryang@zmu.edu.cn


1987, B.Sc., Xiamen University;

1990, M.Sc., XiamenUniversity;

1996, Ph.D., Xiamen University.

Professional Experience

2001-2002, Visiting Scholar, Harvard University, Molecular and Cellular Biology department.

Research Area

My research focus on developmental biology of C.elegans and molecular biology of parasitic nematodes.

Selected Publications

1. Yurong Yang *, Weiwen Qin, Dante Zarlenga, Lei Cao, Guimei Tian. TsDAF-21/Hsp90 is expressed in all examined stages of Trichinella spiralis.Veterinary Parasitology Vol 194 (2–4): 171–174. 20 May 2013. doi: 10.1016/j.vetpar.2013.01.048. Epub 2013 Feb 5.

2. Yurong Yang *, Wei Jian, Weiwen Qin, Guimei Tian. Characterization of TsMRP-L28, a mitochondrial ribosomal protein L28 from the parasitic nematode Trichinella spiralis. 2012 Gene Vol 512(2): 496-504.

3. Yurong Yang *, Jing Zheng, Jiaxin Chen. Cloning, sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of the small GTPase gene cdc-42 from Ancylostoma caninum. 2012 Experimental Parasitology. Vol 132 (4):550-555.

4. Yurong Yang *, Weiwen Qin, Hua Wei, Jianxi Ying, Jing Zhen 2011 Characterization of Cathepsin B proteinase (AcCP-2) in eggs and larvae stages of hookworm Ancylostoma caninum. Experimental Parasitology Vol.129(3):215-220. 2011 Nov; Epub 2011 Sep 7.

5. Yurong Yang*, Wei Jian, Weiwen Qin, Guimei Tian. Expression and functional characterization of a Rho-family small GTPase CDC42 from Trichinella spiralis.  Parasitology Research Vol107 (1) :153-162April 06, 2010

6. Yurong Yang*, Wei Jian, Weiwen Qin. 2010 Molecular cloning and phylogenetic analysis of small GTPase protein Tscdc42 from Trichinella spiralis. Parasitology Research Vol 106(4): 801-808

7. Gang Yu, Yurong Yang*, Guimei Tian. 2010 Expressing and characterization of mlin-41 in mouse early embryos and adult muscle tissues. Journal of Molecular Histology Vol 41 (4-5)295 - 305

8. Yurong Yang*, Hua Wei, Weiwen Qin, Jing Zheng. 2009 Expression and characterization of aspartic protease gene in eggs and larvae stage of Ancylostoma caninum. Parasitology Research 104 (6): 1327-1333

9. Yurong Yang *, Wei JianAnalysis of COI Gene from the Trichinella spp. in China. Parasitology Research 103 (6): 1355-9. Epub 2008 Aug 7 PMID: 18685863

10. Su Xiaoshan, Yang Yurong*2010 Cloning, expressing of Caenorhabditis elegans p53/CEP-1 and the effect on lifespan Chinese.  Journal of Cell Biology 32(3):439-444*

11. GAO Ya-Jun; YANG Yu-Rong* 2007 Double-stranded RNA expressed by hairpin structures induced RNA interference of the par-1 gene in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Acta Zoologica Sinica 53(3): 545-551

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14. Yu-Rong Yang*;Ya-Jun Gao 2006 RNAi of par-3 Gene in C. elegans Deliverd by Feeding Bacteria Chinese Journal of Cell Biology 28:617-621