Liang CHEN

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Liang CHEN, Ph.D.


Tel: +86-592-2186050



1980-1984, B.Sc., Henan Normal University;

1984-1988 Faculty member of Pinyuan University;

1988-1994, Ph.D., Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica.

Professional Experience

1994-1997, Postdoctoral, State Key Laboratory in Genetics and Improvement of Crops, Huazhong Agricultural University;

1996-1997, Visiting Scholar, University of Virginia Tech, USA;

1997-Present, Professor (2005), School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University;

2006-2008, Visiting Scholar, Plant Biotechnology Institute, National Research Council, Canada.

Research Area

Our research is mainly focused on the plant response mechanism to biotic and abiotic stresses. Recently, we have studied the function and the molecular mechanism of the differential proteins gene of rice induced by Xooc Infection. At the same time, we have also studied the response of the molecular mechanism to abiotic stress of two novel transcription factors. We hope the genes can be used at the crop of genetic improvement.

We are also interested in transgenic plants and genetic engineering vaccine of fowl and livestock epizootic.

Selected Publications

1. Lijia Guo*, Min Li*, Wujing Wang, Lijuan Wang, Guojing Hao, Chiming Guo, Liang Chen**. Over-expression of the nucleotide-binding site-leucine rich repeat gene DEPG1 increases susceptibility to bacterial leaf streak disease in transgenic rice plants. Molecular Biology Reports, 2012, 39( 4):3491-3504.

2. Dongxiao Li1,2, Liangjiang Wang3, Shaolei Teng3, Guoguang Zhang1, Lijia Guo1, Qian Mao1, Wei Wang1, Min Li1, and Liang Chen* . Proteomic analysis of up-regulated rice proteins in response to bacterial leaf streak disease. Journal of Plant Biology, 2012,Online First, DOI: 10.1007/s12374-011-0346-2

3. Dong-xiao Li; Liang-jiang Wang; Xiao-po Yang; Guo-guang Zhang; Liang Chen*. Proteomic analysis of blue light-induced twining response in Cuscuta australis. Plant Molecular Biology, 2010, 72:205-213

4. Huang Y, L Chen, LP Wang , Kannan Vijayan, Sieu Phan, ZY Liu, LL Wan, Andrew Ross, DQ Xiang , Raju Datla, YL Pan, JT Zou*. Probing the endosperm gene expression landscape in Brassica napus. BMC Genomics,2009, 10:256.

5. Zhang GG, DX Li, HH Zhang; YM Zeng, L Chen*. Enhancement of mucosal immune response against the M2eHBc+ antigen in mice with the fusion expression products of LTB and M2eHBc+ through mucosal immunization route. Veterinary Research Communications, 2009, 33: 735-747.

6. Chen L, HJ Shao. Extract from Agaricus blazei Murill can enhance immune responses elicited by DNA vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease.Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 2006, 109: 177-182.

7. Li XX, XP Duan, HX Jiang, YJ Sun, YP Tang, Z Yuan, JK Guo, WQ Liang, L Chen, JY Yin, H Ma, J Wang, DB Zhang. Genome-Wide Analysis of Basic/Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factor Family in Rice and Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology, 2006, 141: 1167-1184.