Yong LI

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Yong LI, Ph.D.


Tel: +86-592-2181510

E-mail: yongli@xmu.edu.cn


1990, B.Sc., Nanjing University;

1999, Ph.D., University of South Florida.

Professional Experience

2000-2001, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania ;

2001-2002, Postdoctoral Associate, Fox Chase Cancer Center;

2003-2006, Research Scientist, Van Andel Research Institute;

2007-2010, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh;

2009-Present, Professor of School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University.

Research Area

We are focusing on studying protein structure and function, as well as its implications in drug development. We intend to take advantage of the drug repositioning strategy, combined with our research experience and strength in the study of structure-activity relationship (SAR) of nuclear receptors, in developing new drugs targeting metabolic diseases with improved potency and efficacy but reduced side effects. Our investigations of structure-activity relationship with drugs and their targets, as well as with their respective signaling pathways, are revealing clinically-significant mechanisms of drug signaling in diverse disease processes and also novel strategies for therapeutic purpose.

Selected Publications

1. Jin L,, Wang R, Zhu Y, Zheng W, Han Y, Guo F, Ye FB, Li Y*. Selective targeting of nuclear receptor FXR by avermectin analogues with therapeutic effects on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Sci Rep. 2015 Dec 1; 5: 17288. 

2. Zheng W, Qiu L, Wang R, Feng X, Han Y, Zhu Y, Chen D, Liu Y, Jin L, Li Y*. Selective targeting of PPARγ by the natural product chelerythrine with a unique binding mode and improved antidiabetic potency. Sci Rep. 2015 Jul 17; 5: 12222.

3. Yang C, Li Q, Li Y*. Targeting nuclear receptors with marine natural products. Mar Drugs. 2014 Jan 27;12(2): 601-35.

4. Jin L, Feng X, Pan Z, Rong H,Inaba Y, Qiu L, Zheng W, Lin S, Wang R, Wang Z, Li S, Xie W, and Li Y*. The antiparasitic drug ivermectin is a novel FXR ligand that regulates metabolism.Nature Communications. 2013 Jun 3; 4: 1937.

5. Zheng W, FengX,Qiu L, Pan Z, Wang R, Lin S, HouD, Jin L*, and Li Y*. Identification of the antibiotic ionomycin as an unexpected peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) ligand with a unique binding mode and effective glucose-lowering activity in a mouse model of diabetes. Diabetologia. 2013 Feb; 56(2):401-11.

6. Wang S, Wang Z, Lin S, Zheng W, Wang R, Jin S, Chen J, Jin L, and Li Y*.Revealing a natural marine product as a novel agonist for retinoic acid receptors with a unique binding mode and inhibitory effects on cancer cells. 2012, Biochemistry Journal. 446(1):79-87.

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