Damin LUO

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Damin LUO, Ph.D.


Tel: +86-592-2181645

E-mail: dmluo@xmu.edu.cn


1984, B.Sc., Normal University of Central China;

1987, M.Sc., Normal University of Central China;

1998, Ph.D., Xiamen University.

Professional Experience

2001-2002, Visiting Scholar, University of California, Riverside;

1987-1995, Assistant Professor, Normal University of Central China;

1998-2003, Associate Professor, Biology Department, Xiamen University;

2004-Present, Professor, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University.

Research Area

Our research are mainly focus on the parasites which are economically important pest for plants and animals. Our current program concerns the interactions between host and parasitic nematodes. The main objective of the research is to combine information that generated in both basic and applied investigations towards the goal of improving the control of parasitic nematodes in human being and animals.

Selected Publications

1. Wenzhen Fang, Jiaxu Wang, Jiang Liu, Changmao Xu, Weifeng Cai, Damin Luo. PCR assay for the cell-free copro-DNA detection of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in rat faeces. Veterinary Parasitology, 2012, 183: 299-304.

2. Wenzhen Fang, Fan Liu, Shaolei Zhang, Junhua Lin, Shisan Xu, and Damin Luo. Anisakis pegreffii: A quantitative fluorescence PCR assay for detection in situ. Experimental Parasitology, 2011, 127: 587–592.

3. Wenzhen Fang, Shisan Xu, Shaolei Zhang, Yinan Wang, Xiaobin Chen, Damin Luo. Multiple primers PCR for the identification of the etiological anisakid nematodes from Taiwan Strait. Experimental Parasitology, 2010, 124: 197-201.

4. Wenzhen Fang, Shisan Xu, Yinan Wang, Fang Ni, Shaolei Zhang, Jiang Liu, Xiaobin Chen, and Damin Luo. ES proteins analysis of Angiostrongylus cantonensis: products of the potential parasitism genes?Parasitology Research, 2010, 106(5): 1027-1032.

5. Xijuan Ying, Xiaobin Chen, Yinan Wang, Wenzhen Fang, Damin Luo. Signal sequence analysis of protein sequences from the filarial nematode parasite Brugia malayi and the evolution of secreted proteins in parasites. Parasitology Research, 2009, 104(6): 1321-1326.